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Garage Door parts installed by Hanson Garage Door Service


As the heaviest moving structure in your home, your garage door should be checked regularly for worn parts, misalignment and other issues that could prevent proper functioning or cause accidents.  There are over 20,000 garage door related accidents each year.  A simple yearly service check can prevent many of these accidents from occurring.  Ensuing your garage door is working properly is essential to your family’s safety.


Hanson Overhead Garage offers a 44-point Signature Garage Door and Opener Tune-Up.  Your trained and professional Hanson Technician will re-align, lubricate, calibrate and tighten your garage door and opener to ensure they are in proper working order.  Schedule your annual garage door tune up today!


From replacing broken springs and repairing damaged door panels, to replacing broken garage door openers and repairing off-track doors, your professional Hanson technician is trained to do it all.  Call the Hanson team to learn how we can repair or replace components and bring your door back to its original condition.


Does your garage door need more than a small repair?  Worried that you might need a whole new garage door?  Before you buy new, ask about our Signature Overhaul Service.  Our Signature Overhaul Service transforms your old garage door to like new condition by replacing worn out components and hardware with high quality replacement parts.

Hanson Garage Door Safety Sensor adjustment graphic

Have you ever had trouble closing your garage door?

This can be somewhat of a nuisance, yet in most cases, an easy problem to fix yourself.


Inevitably, the sides of our garage is where we like to store items like our golf clubs and garbage cans.  This is also where our garage door openers’ safety sensors are located.  It’s not uncommon for us to bump into them with the weekly garbage run to the street.  Once these sensors are bumped out of alignment, it sends a signal to the motor that there is an obstruction blocking the door from closing safely and will not put the door down.  Those who are persistent find out that if they hold down the button on the wall, the door will close, which bypasses the safety sensors.  An easy fix is to walk over to the sensors and visually make sure they are pointed straight and directly facing each other.  Usually there are light indicators on the sensors themselves, which may blink, flicker or not be lit at all until the invisible beam between the two sensors is connected.   Once the indicator light is lit solid, then door is considered safe to close without obstruction.

Should this attempt to align the sensors yourself not solve, schedule an appointment to look into this further, as there may be other issues with either the opener or the garage door itself.  


Sometimes, when the garage door opener says the door is not safe to close… It’s not safe to close!

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